The Institute of Professional Education (IPE), Hong Kong Baptist Hospital, consists of the Continuing HealthCare Education Centre (CHEC) and the School of Nursing (SN).

The CHEC aims at advancing registered healthcare practitioners to provide quality care through quality continuing education for healthcare providers including doctors, nurses and allied health professionals.

The SN offers pre-registration nursing education programmes to prepare competent nurses who are driven by vocational calling to deliver safe, holistic, managed and ethical care through holistic education with the spirit of Christ. By providing quality nursing education, our ultimate aim is to support the Hospital’s mission “In the Service of Man For the Glory of God” to serve our patients and their families with excellent care and to glorify God in our work and service.


The IPE was set up in September 2013. The IPE aims to promote healthcare quality towards “Excellence in CARE” with Christian spirit through basic and continuing professional education.

objectives of ipe


  • To provide professionally accredited programs in collaboration with renowned universities and professional bodies;

  • To be a centre for comprehensive life support training;

  • To facilitate interdisciplinary learning through simulation and scenario based training;

  • To provide continuous in-service training for healthcare practitioners.

Excellence in CARE

(1)    SAFE Care emphasizes our fundamental duty “First, Do No Harm” as stated in the Hippocratic Corpus. We have to master the basics and manage the risks, and “do things right”, if only to add days to life, and not to com promise life.

(2)    HOLISTIC Care embraces our care to the patient’s integral whole. We aspire not only to treating organic diseases or bodily infirmity, but to nourishing the physical, psycho-social, and spiritual well-being of our patients, so as to add life to  days.

(3)    MANAGED Care ensures the right thing is being done, that our care is planned, organised and delivered to the right patient, at the right time, at the right place, in the right manner and by the right person. The process and result should also be monitored and evaluated systematically, for continuous improvement based on evidence.

(4)    ETHICAL Care encompasses our efforts, while delivering care, to uphold to its highest standard, professional integrity with respect to oneself (duty to keep up to date in knowledge as a reliable professional), between professionals (mutual respect and partnership for patient care and medical advancement) and in professional-patient relationship (safeguard patients’ rights and respect their human inherent dignity).

(5)    VOCATIONAL Care entails professionalism in the highest order. The undertaking of care transcends from an “occupation” that makes a living, to a “vocation” that is a response to a calling. Passion with love will follow vision, to take thecare from good to excellent. This will turn Success (getting what you want) into Satisfaction (wanting what you get) and Significance (fulfilling a life goal).

Continuing HealthCare Education Centre

With an area of 10,000 sq-ft, it comprises of a Simulation Laboratory with state-of-the-art training facilities for inter-disciplinary simulation training and education, four Skill Laboratories for advanced skill-based training, a well-sized Lecture Hall, a Conference Room and free WiFi access.

The CHEC is conveniently located at the centre of Kowloon East commercial area. It is within walking distance from Kowloon Bay MTR station and can easily be reached by public transports.

School of Nursing

The School, with an area of over 10,000 sq. ft, comprises of two good sized Lecture Halls, a 30-seat seminar room, three spacious Skill Laboratories, a meeting room, a Library with e-resources and books, a Computer Laboratory and fully furnished Lounge for relaxation and study, and free WiFi access. The School offers quality education for training of enrolled nurses at Higher Diploma level as well as registered nurses in collaboration with universities.

Located next to the Continuing HealthCare Education Centre, the School is within walking distance from Kowloon Bay MTR station and easily accessed by other public transports.